Field and Student Teaching

Welcome to student teaching! This is the capstone experience of teacher preparation. Courses in teacher education have offered a variety of ideas and opportunities to learn about teaching. Now, it is time to apply, test, and refine them into practice.

Appalachian State University student teachers can be found in diverse settings from rural North Carolina to urban and international locations. A sincere effort is made to give the student teacher as diverse an experience as possible.


Student teaching is designed for gradual assumption of duties and responsibilities. The College subscribes to the belief that a student teacher needs a minimum of one complete semester (15 weeks) of student teaching in a diverse, realistic, supportive environment. The experience will be under the ongoing guidance of the College's personnel in collaboration with the cooperating teacher at the host school.

Commitment and initiative are especially important. Student teaching will challenge one's energy and ability. It is important to take advantage of the support of the team members both from the host school and the University.

During the semester's experience, student teachers are expected to apply current research-based practices and tools, including technologies that enhance teaching and learning.

For information, or applications, call (828) 262-2252, Reich College of Education.

Important Dates

  • Student Teaching Online Applications for Fall due November 1.
  • Student Teaching Online Applications for Spring due April 1.
  • Supervisor-led Student Teaching Seminars - Students will be required to attend at least two meetings on campus during the semester

Please check the master calendar for additional student teaching and College of Education events.