December Faculty Spotlight, Paul Wallace

Meet Paul Wallace,

Paul Wallace is an Associate Professor of Instructional Technology in the Department of Leadership and Educational Studies.  Since arriving in the fall of 2008, Paul has been an integral part of the Technology Advisory Committee for Reich College of Education. He participates with our International Studies and Activities Committee, and is active in his research involving humanoid robots for peer tutoring and social partners.

Paul teaches a variety of students ranging from first semester freshman to graduate students in Educational Media and Instructional Technology. Being able to directly reach students at different parts in their educational experience has given Paul a unique perspective while teaching at the university.

“Many times, the students in our ITC program enter with the idea that they want to learn about the latest technology tools. It is wonderful to see their growth, evident in their comments and project work, that by the end of the degree program they understand that pedagogy is more important than tools.”

Paul has been able to take his teaching global. Just this summer he traveled to Japan, with a group of students at the undergraduate level for the course, CI/ITC 2010 Narrative, New Media, and Gaming. This abroad opportunity for the campus course that Paul and Damiana Gibbons Pyles, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, developed looks at storytelling in the digital age and how we use social media. Paul details, “This study abroad program has become one of the highlights of my year — an exciting annual event for me personally. So, I look forward to offering it yearly, and continuing to develop the program and our partnerships over the next several years.”

Getting the chance to travel and work with students in the classroom was not in his original plan. Paul began his career working in the IT Industry, while living in Asia. Though he enjoyed the experience and knowledge he gained from that profession, he felt that he was missing something. The classroom allows Paul to work with others and teach, fulfilling what he was called to do. Being in the classroom, a familiar place where he could work with others and teach was what he was being called to do. Paul is living the words he speaks, “Teach what you love, and in a way that you enjoy.” Be sure to check out his course abroad next summer!



Published: Dec 1, 2016 1:48pm