Fall 2017 Faculty/Staff Reading Groups

This semester, RCOE faculty and staff have at least two opportunities to participate in reading groups:

  1. Transformative Conversations: A Guide to Mentoring Communities Among Colleagues in Higher Education
  2. Introduction to Nonviolent Communication

Both of these books have been selected because of their promise to strengthen our collective purpose and sense of community as a College.

Copies of the books are provided to those who are able to participate in the reading groups – and priority will be given first to having representation across departments and units in the College. 

Transformative Conversations: A Guide to Mentoring Communities Among Colleagues in Higher Education

by Peter Felten, H-Dirksen L. Bauman, Aaron Kheriaty, and Edward Taylor

Transformative Conversations offers guidance to help readers create and sustain Formation Mentoring Communities (FMCs), where faculty, staff, and administrators can speak openly and honestly to the heart of their work as educators and human beings. It tells the story of four faculty members from different institutions who became a formation community and then lead formation communities at their own, very diverse institutions. Praise for the book includes the following:

In the 'superstorm' of writings about the crisis in higher education this little gem of a book stands out like a mindfulness bell. It calls us back to the only thing that truly matters—the energy and wisdom buried in the minds and hearts of dedicated educators." —Diana Chapman Walsh, president emerita, Wellesley College; trustee emerita, Amherst College; member of the MIT Corporation

"This is a radical story about how to create a more intimate and relational culture inside the halls of higher education.... for those who long for higher education to return from the abyss of siloed isolation to its original charter as a cooperative learning institution committed to developing the whole person in service of the common good." —Peter Block, Flawless Consulting and Abundant Community

Reading group facilitator: Tracy W. Smith, Curriculum and Instruction. If you are interested in this reading group, please email Tracy Smith.

Introduction to Nonviolent Communication

We invite you to join us for a faculty/staff reading group on nonviolent communication. Grounded in the philosophy of nonviolence, the aim of nonviolent communication is to create connection in the midst of conflict. At its heart, the nonviolent approach to interacting is focused on listening – really listening – to ourselves and others in order to increase connection and create space for creative problem solving so that conflict leads to compassion and new possibilities. 

The group will meet four times throughout the semester, and all reading materials will be supplied. In each 90-minute session, we will both explore the ideas animating nonviolent communication and experiment with the practical strategies in a supportive, collaborative group environment.  

Reading group facilitator: PJ Nelsen, Leadership and Educational Studies. If you are interested in this reading group, please email PJ Nelsen.

How Do I Register

Questions? Ready to sign up? Contact Tracy Smith or PJ Nelson for more information or to register. 

Please respond to Tracy or PJ by Friday, September 8, so they can begin to establish groups and meeting days/times. Once they have a list of participants, they will send out a meeting poll to determine dates and times. 

Transformative Conversations: A Guide to Mentoring Communities Among Colleagues in Higher Education
Published: Sep 5, 2017 9:26am