Hickory Public Schools teacher honored

Eva Winkler completed her B.S. in elementary education in 2017 through App State Online. She was also a recipient of the SECU Appalachian Partnership Scholarship.

Eva Winkler, a former banker, has been selected as the North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching (NCCAT) 2019-2020 Beginning Teacher of the Year for Hickory Public Schools.

Competing for the title against 14 other HPS beginning teachers, Winkler is a first-grade teacher at Jenkins Elementary School. This is her second year at Jenkins. She served as a kindergarten teacher during her first year at Jenkins and was previously a teacher for a portion of a school year with Webb A. Murray Elementary.

“I love coming to work,” said Winkler, reflecting on her decision to enter education. “I enjoy every aspect of serving as a teacher, especially the opportunity to work with children who represent all levels of learning. I get to work with the ones who learn quickly and the ones who struggle; and then, together, we experience that wonderful moment when they finally capture the concept. It’s as though the heavens just opened up. No greater reward,” she said.

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Eva Winkler
Published: Oct 8, 2019 10:25am