Kaleidoscope Snow Day Program offers childcare during snow days

When neighboring public schools are canceled because of weather, the majority of the time, App State isn’t. Professors at the Reich College of Education with children in these schools can now work and have accessible childcare available thanks to the Kaleidoscope Snow Day Program.

Branching off from the Kaleidoscope After-School Learning Program established for kids of faculty, staff and kids in the area, the new snow day program will offer hands-on activities and tutoring for K-8 students from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m during snow days.

Diane Wilcox, RCOE early field experience coordinator, said the many blizzard-related snow days last December inspired the expansion of Kaleidoscope.

“We were just thinking, ‘Watauga County schools was out 11 days before Christmas,” Wilcox said. “For those days for faculty and staff in this building, I’m like ‘You know, I wonder if there’s something that we can do for our own.’”

Wilcox is a retired school teacher with children, so she said she understands the struggles educators face finding unexpected care for their child.

“I know what it’s like as a parent to feel that panic at 6 a.m. when you get the phone call that there’s no school,” Wilcox said. “I still have to work, so what am I going to do with my kids for the day?”

Wilcox said she hopes the program will increase productivity and keep classes from cancellation, as without the program, educators must bring their kids to work or must stay home.

“If there’s a way that our faculty and staff could bring their children and have them in one place supervised, productivity could continue, the workday could continue,” Wilcox said.

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Published: Feb 20, 2019 1:54pm