RCOE Fall Planning

As we begin to put plans in place to move into our 2020-2021 academic year, a task force of Reich College of Education "Think Partners" has been recruited to develop strategies and ideas to address the areas of facility needs, curriculum and instruction needs, community engagement needs, and social/emotional needs in our setting. Creative and innovative feedback is desired to help our RCOE community create a functional plan for success in the coming year.

This task force will meet virtually throughout the next 6 weeks and will complete their work by the end of June. This group consists of:


  • Betsy Rosenbalm (Office of the Dean - Director of Public School Partnership)
  • Vachel Miller (Doctoral Program)


  • Andrea Anderson (Dept. of Family and Child Studies & Director of Lucy Brock)
  • Elizabeth Bellows (Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction & Inclusive Excellence Faculty Fellow)
  • Beth Campbell (Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction)
  • Amy Cheney (Dept. of Leadership and Educational Studies)
  • Tammie Gelderman (Office of the Dean - Building Manager) 
  • Megan Kasper (James Center of Student Success and Advising) 
  • Amy Milsom (Dept. of Human Development and Psychological Counseling)
  • Tonya Moore (Dept. of Reading Education and Special Education) 
  • Rebekah Saylors (Office of the Dean - Director of Communications)
  • Amaris Torres (Undergraduate student)
  • Rachel Wilson (Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction)

Suggestion Box

Submit your comments, suggestions and/or questions related to planning and recovery efforts. The Planning Task Force will review and direct questions and feedback into the working teams as appropriate. No identifying information is collected in the suggestion box unless you provide it.

Town Hall

On June 12, 2020, the Reich College of Education held a Town Hall discussion. Here is the Slideshow of Survey Results and Preliminary Recommendations made by the committee.

Inclusive Online Teaching Strategies

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