Teaching Resume Checklist

Teaching Resume Checklist:

  • My name is the biggest font on my resume. If my resume is on 2 pages, I have included my name and page number in a small font at the top of the additional page.
  • My contact information includes my official name, phone number, email, and online portfolio web address (if appropriate). All information is up to date, official, professional, and correct.
  • My Objective comes first (if included); then my Education section.
  • I have not included my high school in my Education Section.
  • My Education section includes the degree, school, place of school (city, state) and my graduation date (month and year).
  • My next section is about my Teaching Experience and includes my student teaching, internships, practicum, or observations as appropriate.
  • The experiences or positions within each section of my resume, including my Education Section, Teaching Experience and ALL OTHER SECTIONS are in reverse chronological order (most recent experience first).
  • For each experience (job, volunteer, internship, etc.) I have included my title, my employer or organization, the place of employer (city, state), and the dates I worked (month and year).
  • I describe my relevant experiences using bullets and phrases beginning with action verbs – NOT full sentences, but with enough detail to show off my skills and achievements. What makes MY experience stand-out?
  • After Teaching Experience, I have included the next most relevant experiences, i.e. working at summer camps, tutoring, child care, because those relate to teaching. The title of this category may change, but it makes sense for my experiences.
  • I have included Work Experience, Volunteer Experience, Leadership and Extracurricular Experience, Research Experience, Presentation Experience, Coaching Experience, if applicable.
  • I have listed professional training and development opportunities (for example, impact workshops, my self-selected goal for student teaching and activities involved with attaining it, student teacher seminar sessions, in-service days with my school system, etc.) as well as professional memberships and conferences.
  • My formatting is attractive, easy to read and consistent. If I bolded my employers, for example, I should bold ALL my employers.
  • My references and cover letter are on separate pages that I do NOT need to bring to the fair. I will mail or email these to potential schools when I apply.
  • I am proud to share information about everything on this resume with employers. I have spent time and energy working on my resume and I feel confident in the document.