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If You Want to Teach, Look Here First

You've decided to become an educator!

Find resources designed to help you make the most of your time at Appalachian:

  • Apply to the Reich College of Education
  • Consider our Accelerated Admission opportunities (earn both your Appalachian bachelor's and master's in teacher education)
  • Explore scholarships
  • Complete licensure and certification requirements
  • Find important forms and testing information


"Professor Anthony Jones is an outstanding mentor. During my work as a graduate assistant we created a presentation on Communicating Complex Information to Unfamiliar Audiences to which he was gracious enough to share the opportunity to present at the North Carolina Community College Conference. His willingness to support my learning and professional goals is invaluable." 

Sarah Tilson
Higher Education


"I want to leave several legacies behind. I want to inspire and empower kids. I want to fight societal injustice. I want to debunk lies in United States history."

Justin Rhodes
History Secondary Education


"Jeff Goodman, a professor in the Reich College of Education, has inspired me. He is the man who stands on his head to teach peristalsis, brings us raspberry cake because glycogen is 'brain food,' uses novelty lessons to engage us, and encourages student relationships."

Chelsea Eller
Elementary Education


"The Reich College of Education has challenged me to be the best educator I can be by giving me incredible experiences in the field. Additionally, the professors are passionate and eager to teach." 

Cori Rash
Elementary Education