International Student Teaching

Appalachian State University promotes preparation for citizenship in the interdependent world of the 21st century. Hence, the Office of Field Experiences of the Reich College of Education strives to provide its teacher candidates with a well-rounded education through multi-cultural and international opportunities. Students seeking the North Carolina teaching license are afforded opportunities to complete a portion of the student teaching experience in another country.

The Reich College of Education International Committee carefully screens candidates for this opportunity. Selected student teachers spend the first two-thirds of the student teaching semester in a North Carolina setting and the last one-third in an international school. International student teaching is an effective means of expanding understandings about teaching for the purpose of engaging in effective, culturally responsive teaching.

International Student Teaching Application Deadline

September 25, 2018 - 5:00 PM. No exceptions will be made.

Application Process

Learn more about the application process, costs and travel information.

What will an International Student Teaching experience do for me?

Participation in International Student Teaching provides:

  • Greater global awareness
  • An authentic cultural experience
  • Experience with students around the world
  • Awareness of professional practices in other countries
  • Overseas travel
  • New experiences
  • Resume building


  • Overall GPA of 3.0
  • Evidence of highly successful clinical and early field experiences
  • The first 10 weeks of the student teaching experience must be completed with a high degree of proficiency
  • Recommendation by the International Student Teaching Selection Committee

Overseas Sites

Please be advised availability of site locations listed below may change each semester. All costs associated with housing at the international sites are subject to change. An update of available sites and costs will be given at the International Student Teaching informational meeting for that semester.