External Scholarships

External Scholarships 

There are many great resources available for both incoming and current students other than University Scholarships. We gladly advertise any outside scholarship opportunities that have been brought to our attention by credible sources, but these do not begin to cover the numerous opportunities that are available for all student-types.

We also encourage students to reach out to community organizations such as churches, clubs, local businesses, etc. to find all available awards. Please click the links below for information regarding teacher education scholarships external to Appalachian State University. The opportunities listed below are scholarships specific to education.

For a comprehensive list of all external scholarship opportunities, search through the list on the University Scholarship page.

The University does not manage these scholarships nor the associating applications. 

Notable National and Regional Scholarships

Many private companies and organizations also offer scholarship awards. We've listed a few resources below. We also encourage students to talk with local organizations, clubs, businesses and churches about available opportunities.

Please remember that the scholarships listed below are neither affiliated with nor endorsed by Appalachian State University. There are always risks to providing your personal information to others. Never give out your SSN number and never pay to file a scholarship application. We strongly encourage students to carefully review the terms and conditions of these opportunities before spending time on the applications and giving out personal information.

Please note that, by clicking any of the links below, you acknowledge that you are leaving the Appalachian State University website.

Financial Aid NoticeStudents who are awarded a scholarship are required to notify the Office of Student Financial Aid & University Scholarships so that these funds can be incorporated into their financial aid package. This could result in an adjustment to the student’s financial aid package. Reach out to your financial aid counselor for more information or to determine if a change to your financial aid award might be required.