Technology Advisory Committee (TAC)


The Committee is charged with strategic planning for the application of technologies for teaching, learning and administrative efficiencies in the RCOE. The intent of the TAC is to inform and advise the Dean, through recommendations to the Administrative Council of the RCOE, of changes, directions and projects it believes will promote the most effective and efficient uses of digital learning resources within the college.


  • Coordinate with the Dean’s Office and Administrative Council to ensure that technology initiatives and priorities are included in the Strategic Plan for RCOE. Focus areas should include: physical facilities, staffing and personnel both on and off the Appalachian campus, Faculty/Staff development and departmental support, instructional Programs and projects, and initiatives for in-person, hybrid, and online teaching and learning.
  • Conduct periodic needs assessments and focus groups to inform strategic planning.
  • Be aware of and responsive to faculty requests for equipment, including establishing policies and procedures for prioritizing acquisitions and ensuring compatibility, support and balance within and between the umbrella RCOE needs and departmental/program  needs and as expressed in the strategic technology plan of the RCOE.
  • Act as the governance body for the Digital Learning Resources (DLR) center and associated media labs.Work closely with the Office of the CIO and the Center for Academic Excellence to build capacity and ensure access, staffing, appropriate sharing of resources, acquisition of equipment, overall use policies, and security issues.

Technology Advisory Committee Membership

Fall 2022-Spring 2023