Faculty & Staff

The  college employs 120+ faculty and approximately 30 support staff across its various departments and programs.

FIRST, we listen. FIRST, we care. FIRST, we engage. FIRST, we encourage. FIRST, we recognize potential. 

The College of Education is committed to supporting faculty and staff in their professional development efforts and in carrying out their various responsibilities. Retaining an excellent faculty known for its high quality in teaching, research, scholarship and service and a staff that is knowledgeable, skilled, and efficient are essential to the mission of the college.

Faculty/Staff Directory

A directory of current faculty and staff as well as links to up-to-date departmental directories.

Council on Professional Education

The Council on Professional Education has as its main function the role of analyzing and evaluating professional education curricula and recommending policies and procedures for strengthening the professional education program.  

Faculty/Staff Resources

For faculty/staff resources, please visit the Reich College of Education AsULearn site. Log-in required. 

Grants & Awards

A current list of external grants and awards received by RCOE faculty/staff.

Faculty Awards

Please consider submitting a nomination for one of the college's faculty awards, which include recognition for outstanding teaching, scholarship, mentoring, service, and community of practice. Nomination forms are available under each award description.