Faculty Career Support

The purpose of the Reich College of Education Developmental Community program is to support faculty at all career levels so that they establish and maintain healthy, productive, and meaningful careers. 

The Developmental Community Model is our overall approach to faculty support. Within this model or framework, faculty members are encouraged to find mentors and professional learning communities that help them grow in their work.

Developmental Community Model

The Developmental Community Model includes aspects of mentoring and is intended to benefit not only individuals within the community but also the organization as a community. 

Read more about the RCOE Developmental Community Model in Constellations of Support: A Community Development Model, published in To Improve the Academy: A Journal of Educational Development. 

Review the program theory for the RCOE Developmental Community Model.


Mentoring Guild

To build college capacity for supporting faculty at all career levels, including their satisfaction and happiness in their work, we have intentional, structural supports for our RCOE Developmental Community Model. The most significant structure is the RCOE Mentoring Guild. Learn more about the Mentoring Guild!