Mentoring Guild

A guild is an association of artisans who oversee the practice of their craft in a particular area. Guilds are often associated with the idea of a respected set of skilled craftspeople. 

Through the Faculty Fellow for Mentoring Initiatives and the RCOE Mentoring Guild, faculty are provided experiences and tools to help them identify, cultivate, and extend their career support networks. 

In this model, individual faculty reflection and agency are encouraged as faculty members identify strong and existing as well as weak or missing “nodes” on their developmental community maps. 

The Developmental Community Model, by mission and definition, must be continually reviewed and revised on both individual and collective levels as the needs of individuals and the community continue to evolve.

A sampling of activities of the Developmental Community and Mentoring Guild include the following:

  • RCOE Welcoming Day
  • RCOE Research Fair
  • Third-Year Review Panel
  • Annual Review writing workshop with annotated exemplars available
  • Book group and discussions
  • New faculty induction sessions

Guild Membership

Members of the Mentoring Guild are self-selected volunteers representing a variety of departments, with years of experience, and research interests who meet regularly (twice a month) to envision practices and plan programming to support faculty at all career levels in the college. These mentors can serve as non-evaluative supports and communication liaisons to faculty in each department.