Alumni Update: Cara Buckwell ’19

Cara Buckwell, originally from Concord, North Carolina, graduated from Appalachian State University with a Bachelor of Science in building sciences with a concentration in construction management and a minor in Spanish. She is currently pursuing her teaching certification through courses from various community colleges.

Buckwell teaches high school AP-level engineering courses using the Project Lead the Way curriculum at A.L. Brown High School in Kannapolis, North Carolina.

“I am also the SkillsUSA Robotics Mobile Search and Rescue Advisor,” she added. “I just started the robotics after-school program this school year.”

Impacting Education in Her Community

Buckwell is impacting education in her community. This year, she was named A.L. Brown High School's Beginning Teacher of the Year.

“This is a testament to my dedication and effectiveness as a new educator,” noted Buckwell. “This recognition highlights my contributions to the school community but also inspires other educators and students to strive for excellence in teaching and learning.”

“Through teaching AP-level engineering courses using the Project Lead the Way curriculum, I provide students with rigorous and advanced learning opportunities in STEM fields,” she continued. “This prepares them for higher education and future careers in engineering and related fields, helping to foster a pipeline of skilled professionals in the community.” 

Buckwell decided to leave commercial construction and engineering to teach because she wanted to make a bigger impact in her field. 

“I would like to increase opportunities for students, particularly girls, kids from lower-income families, and other challenging home environments,” she said.

“Additionally, I created a robotics team this school year to further enhance students' hands-on learning experiences and foster their interest and skills in robotics and engineering,” she added. “Through this program, students have the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge to practical projects, develop problem-solving skills, and collaborate with their peers, all of which are essential in preparing them for future success in engineering fields.”

“Overall, through my roles as a high school teacher and robotics advisor, I am positively impacting education in my community by providing students with valuable learning experiences, fostering their interest and skills in engineering fields, and inspiring a culture of excellence in teaching and learning,” she noted.

Cara Buckwell
Published: Apr 23, 2024 12:21pm