Alumni Update: Lori Dillard ’06 ’14

Lori Dillard (née Waddell), originally from Laurel Springs, North Carolina, graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education. In 2014, she completed a graduate certificate in elementary mathematics

Currently, Dillard is a fifth-grade classroom teacher at Mulberry Elementary School in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina. Previously, she taught second grade for three years and third grade for eleven years.

"Education has always been a large part of my family. My grandmother, great-aunts, and my aunt were all amazing educators. They inspired me to create my own pathway for becoming an educator and Appalachian has always been well-known for having a phenomenal education program."

In 2019, Dillard became a National Board Certified Teacher. “I decided to become Nationally Board Certified because I wanted to become the best possible teacher that I could be for my students.” 

She added, “By gaining the certification, I knew that I would be able to help strengthen the education of many students and therefore make their futures better!”

Impacting Education in Her Community

Dillard is making an impact on education in her community. “My goal each day is to make the education of our youth a little better within my classroom,” noted Dillard. 

“After teaching each day, I look at how my students are doing with the concepts and I think about the best way to move forward with their lessons the next day,” she continued. 

“I also touch base frequently with the parents to make strong home/school connections,” she added. 

Dillard also continues to connect with her former students and their families after they leave her classroom. “Many former students continue to come to me for educational guidance along the way.”

Lori Dillard
Published: Jun 23, 2021 5:00pm