Alumni Update: Rhneea Riddle ’20

Rhneea Riddle graduated with a B.S. in middle grades education with a concentration in mathematics and social studies in 2020. They are an eighth-grade math intervention specialist at the Franklin School of Innovation in Asheville, North Carolina. In this position, they are the MTSS Tier 2 Intervention Specialist for eighth-grade math and also run the after-school math tutoring program. 

Recently, they gave a TedX presentation on the importance of Developmentally Responsive Teaching Styles and how they change the outcome of small and large disruptions in the classroom. 

 Rhneea Riddle gives TEDx Presentation

In their presentation, Riddle focused on four main concepts of developmentally responsive teaching styles: 

  • teacher behavior, 
  • developmental spectrum, 
  • organizational structures, and 
  • relationships.

Their presentation revolved around how our young adolescents are experiencing critical brain development. “We can help them feel heard and validated while holding them to high expectations and boundaries,” stated Riddle.

Additionally, Riddle was recently a guest on the Childcare Business Coach podcast, where the host, Evelyn Knight, and Riddle discussed developmentally responsive teaching strategies.

Impacting Education in Their Community

Riddle is making an impact on education within their community. They collaborated with their school to develop a math tutoring program after school. The program began as a drop-in, providing homework assistance. With the help of grant funding, Riddle was able to develop a curriculum that emphasizes fundamental math abilities. 

“We have discovered that helping struggling students with their fundamental math skills considerably improves their comprehension of more advanced material and boosts their confidence,” said Riddle. 

The program has developed into one where they can offer specialized math help to students who require it. 

“I have been able to help students create their own basic skills textbook through the use of my program, which they will be able to bring to subsequent classes once they have completed it,” they added.

“I cannot express enough how Dr. Cook's classes and his conversations on Developmentally Responsive Teaching Styles have inspired my teaching style,” said Riddle. “I often find that I ask myself if I am reaching his expectations as a teacher. His classes were the key to success in teaching.”

Rhneea Riddle
Published: Apr 25, 2023 10:04am