Appalachian Community of Education Scholars Now Accepting Transfer Student Applications

Beginning the 2021-2022 academic year, the Reich College of Education’s James Center for Student Success and Advising will merge their two residential learning communities to create an opportunity for transfer students to participate in the Appalachian Community of Education Scholars (ACES) program. Through rich, multifaceted programming for future teachers, ACES seeks to develop teacher leaders who will positively impact the profession through their skills in critical thinking, collaboration, reflective practice, and advocacy for equity and inclusion.

The James Center’s Transfer Educators Residential Learning Community had previously been a social opportunity for transfer students majoring in education who wish to live in on-campus housing. Now, transfer students who participate in ACES will continue to have the community that was provided by Transfer Educators with the addition of teacher leadership programming and network provided by the ACES program. 

“This transition will now allow transfer students not only to connect with one another but also with a larger group of students committed to growing their skills as educators.”

“We are excited to provide an opportunity for transfer students to join our ACES community,” said Megan Kasper, Assistant Director for Student Engagement in the James Center. “Transfer students make up about a quarter of the undergraduate student population, and our community will benefit greatly from having them included.” 

“Transfer Educators has served as a wonderful space for transfer education majors to connect with one another,” she continued. “This transition will now allow them not only to connect with one another but also with a larger group of students committed to growing their skills as educators.” 


As a member of ACES, students enjoy many educational and professional opportunities including:

  • opportunity to live with other members in a residential learning community
  • a seminar course on teacher leadership
  • immersive enrichment trip with a focus on an urban school district
  • school district orientation
  • professional development conference retreat

ACES affords its members the chance to grow alongside other future educators and develop relationships and skills that will sustain and enrich their teaching careers.

How to Apply

  1. Complete your Appalachian State University application by March 1. Apply via your MyMountaineer portal by March 1.
  2. Be sure to select “ACES” when applying and complete the interest statement. 
  3. Watch your AppState email and your MyMountaineer portal for more information. 
  4. Students should hear an ACES admission decision no later than April 12. Selected students must commit to ACES by May 1.


Contact Megan Kasper with questions or for more information.

Transfer ACES Applications
Published: Feb 23, 2021 3:36pm