Celebrate Earth Month at the RCOE

The Reich College of Education (RCOE) will celebrate Earth Month with two events:

  1. Sustainability Art Installation on Wednesday, April 25
  2. Earth Day Teach-In on Thursday, April 26

Both events are sponsored by the RCOE Sustainability Committee with assistance from the Office of Sustainability and are intended to raise awareness in our community about the college’s and university’s commitment to Zero Waste, while engaging in creative activities and having a little fun.

Part of Earth Month at Appalachian State University.

April is Earth Month

Sustainability Art Installation

The Sustainability Art Installation will include display pieces from the Community Trash Fashion Show and student videos from Dr. Rachel Wilson’s CI 3552 Environmental Literacy fall 2017 class.

Date: Wednesday, April 25, 2018
Time: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Location: RCOE Rotunda
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About the Trash Fashion Show

Trash Fashion Show

Trash Fashion is a community movement that values the invention of fashionable products created out of goods deemed useless, unwanted, imperfect, or disposable.  The premise is that items that could be recycled or sent to the landfill can be engaged with creatively in order to generate an aesthetically appealing product that brings attention to the waste that is commonly produced by our consumptive habits. Installation pieces will be on display for two weeks.

Learn more about the Trash Fashion Show scheduled for Sunday, April 22 and hosted by community members and the Office of Sustainability.

About the CI 3552 Environmental Literacy Student Videos

These student videos were made as a final project for CI 3552 Environmental Literacy. Students were instructed to research parts of the RCOE that were LEED certified and make a video on one aspect. Topics include: amenities within walking distance, cork flooring, low-flow sink faucets, LED light bulbs, the rooftop garden, the solar hot water heater, underground stormwater detention and access to public transportation. Videos will be available to view via a dedicated iPad kiosk station.

Learn more!

Earth Day Teach-In

The RCOE’s Earth Day Teach-In is open to all. The goal to raise awareness surrounding the Zero Waste initiative in the college and across campus.

The event will include information tables discussing ways that we can limit our impact upon the environment as well as recycled materials arts and crafts stations. Assistance will be provided by the Office of Sustainability’s Zero Waste interns.

Date: Thursday, April 26, 2018
Time: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Location: RCOE Rotunda
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Earth Week Celebration Parade and Eco-Justice Drum Circle

Trash Dragon

The teach-in will also include an Earth Week Celebration Parade, complete with a “Trash Dragon.” The parade will begin at 1:00 pm at the RCOE building and will travel to Sanford Mall for the culminating event of a drum circle for eco-justice.

Similarly to the premise behind Trash Fashion, the Trash Dragon is a creative means through which individuals construct an artistic rendering that is simultaneously a thing of beauty and playfulness.  The Trash Dragon can be used to help raise awareness around the impact that our consumptive lifestyles have on the biosphere and is a fun way to educate and interact with people on topics of sustainability and environmental awareness.

Drums for the Eco-Justice Drum Circle are being provided by RCOE’s Expressive Arts Therapy program.

About the RCOE Sustainability Committee

The RCOE Sustainability Committee is composed of faculty and staff who are dedicated to providing events, programming, and educational opportunities within the RCOE related to sustainability.  A particular emphasis of the committee is to seek creative ways that we, as a community, can incorporate sustainability into our everyday practices and discover relationships and intersections between sustainable principles and the field of education.

Interested in joining? Please contact committee chair, Mel Falck, for more information.

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Published: Apr 9, 2018 2:00pm