Dr. Beth Campbell Receives Honorary Doctorate from Malmö University, Sweden

Dr. Beth Campbell, associate professor in the Department of Learning, Teaching, and Curriculum, along with her research partner, Marshall University Distinguished Professor Dr. Eric Lassiter, recently received an honorary doctorate from Malmö University, Sweden.

The award highlights Campbell and Lassiter’s work in collaborative and participatory research, where researchers, students, and community members collaborate in the research process, from inception to publication, and is given in recognition of our work with collaborative research methods, as well as their dedication to promoting cross-cultural understanding and social change. 

Malmö University noted the following justification of the award: “Elizabeth Campbell and Eric Lassiter have not only brought up and developed possible solutions to issues related to all research and writings done on ethnographic research. Through their work, they have raised issues related to participatory research, where researchers and the researched collaborate in the research process – a growing trend at our University.”

“This is an incredible honor, especially because of Malmö University’s long commitment to interdisciplinarity, outreach, and teacher education,” said Campbell. “Having recently concluded an administrative term in the college, I'm excited about – and deeply grateful for – the new opportunities for collaborative research and action this appointment will bring.”

Campbell and Lassiter received their awards at the Malmö University’s Annual Academic Celebration in October.

Campbell is an associate professor in LTC, with a focus on research methods and teacher education. Her research focuses on the constitutive nature of collaborative research and writing, and especially how it works—through shared agency, shared commitment, and shared humanity—to make and remake those who engage it. 

“We are both becoming increasingly interested in the collaborative pedagogies that emerge out of collaborative research, as research participants teach and learn from one another,” added Campbell.

Lassiter is a professor of humanities and anthropology and director of the Graduate Humanities Program at Marshall University, where he is also a Distinguished John Deaver Drinko Academy Fellow.  His most recent collaborative ethnographic effort, co-written with Campbell and a team of faculty, students, and community leaders is I’m Afraid of that Water: A Collaborative Ethnography of a West Virginia Water Crisis, recipient of a 2021 Weatherford Award.

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Beth and Eric receive honorary doctorates
Published: Nov 14, 2023 4:42pm