Graduating Student Shoutout: Kelsey Little

Kelsey Little

Bachelor of Science, Elementary Education

Tell us about your collegiate activities, your clubs and organizations, or your favorite memories.

I attended Appalachian State University through the distance program in Caldwell County. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to further my education close to my hometown so that I could continue to work my part-time job. Through the distance program, I gained a whole other family of classmates that will soon turn into colleges. I will forever be thankful that I chose Appalachian State University in 2019!

Share the names of your favorite professors or other mentors you'd like to thank (and why).

  • Dr. Lisa Poling: She has been a tremendous mentor for my classmates and me! She advocates for student rights and does her best to achieve academic success.
  • Kelley Wilson and Jenny McCourry: For always being supportive and advancing my love for Children's Literature.

In a nutshell, what has App State meant to you?

Appalachian State University has allowed me the opportunity to further my education at the distance program while living at home and working a part-time job! I was blessed with an abundant amount of scholarships to help cover the cost of tuition. Appalachian State University allowed me to build a community of friends that will help support and guide me throughout my career as an educator.

Kelsey Little
Published: Dec 6, 2021 5:30pm