Meyerson Receives NC TEACH Scholarship

Joe Meyerson, a first-year middle grades education student, has received a $10,000 NC TEACH scholarship

For Meyerson, this scholarship means “financial security and knowing that I am securing my dream even more”. 

Meyerson chose to major in education because he had always had a passion for history and has always wanted to share that passion with younger minds. 

His advice to incoming teacher education majors: “Don't be afraid to ask questions.” 

He also encourages incoming students to explore all teaching majors. “I started out as an elementary education major but realized that I wanted to pursue middle grades because it was more focused on history,” he added. 

His academic concentrations are language arts and social studies.

Meyerson feels App State is “a place to explore your passions, so explore.”

“I visited four universities, and App State was the only one I applied to,” said Meyerson. “App State not only showed that they had the best teacher education program but also that they had a passion for producing the best teachers.”

After graduation, Meyerson hopes to continue to explore his choices, teaching either in a local school district or as far away as Alaska.

Joe Meyerson
Published: Jun 8, 2023 12:16pm