Netflix and Representation Discussion Group

Netflix has approximately 150 million subscribers worldwide, and it has fundamentally changed how we consume streaming media. Recently, as well, Netflix has created its own content, much of it dealing with race, gender, and sexualities in increasingly complex ways. This means that people are watching how identities are portrayed, (re)forming their own identities, and thinking through the representations of others in ways that are unprecedented and, at times, surprising. The way that race, gender, and sexualities are being represented in this public space matters, and in this series of conversations, we will look at different ways that this representation is happening in this medium that is becoming increasingly ubiquitous. 

On the first Thursday of each month, Damiana Pyles (Media Studies, RCOE) will facilitate conversations that explore a range of Netflix's original series together in the spirit of mutual learning and understanding. These will not be lectures, but rather, we will come together to share our insights and understandings of these shows as we grow our own knowledge about different identities and lived experiences. Please note that some of these shows have difficult themes and/or are rated MA (sometimes simply because it's discussing difficult topics of racism, sexism, etc), which is why watching and discussing these shows together is so vital. 

All are welcome to the conversation. Other than watching the shows, if you can, no other preparation is necessary. Drop-in to all or any of these discussions. 

All discussions will happen on Zoom (link) at 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm EST.

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Netflix and Representation Discussion Group
Published: Sep 7, 2020 12:18pm