RCOE Mathematics Clinic Opens

On Tuesday, September 26, 2023, the ribbon was cut to open the college’s Mathematics Clinic

“The clinic provides much-needed support for the learners in the community,” said Dr. Chrystal Dean, professor of mathematics education and interim director of the Mathematics and Science Education Center. “The individualized programming is designed to contribute to each student’s knowledge, confidence, and overall attitude toward mathematics.” 

“Because the tutoring provided at the mathematics clinic is free, it grants all students access to needed academic support without financial barriers,” she added.

Initially funded by a Chancellor’s Innovation Grant, this new clinic provides effective instruction for students in kindergarten through second grade as well as practice-based experiences for students enrolled in Appalachian State University’s teacher education preparation programs.

The creation of the clinic models a community of practice across programs and departments. Dr. Dean along with Dr. Kelly Clark, assistant professor of special education, and Dr. David Peyton, a former colleague, collaborated on the proposal and initiative. 

This semester, Dr. Lindsay Griendling, an assistant professor of special education, is currently teaching the course in which the clinic is incorporated.

"It's been great having the opportunity to gain hands-on experience teaching math to students with and without disabilities as we prepare for student teaching next semester,"  said senior special education major, Katelyn Kidd. 

Senior special education major, Hannah Grace Jacob added, "I feel like the Mathematics Clinic is a really nice complimentary learning experience to the Anderson Reading Clinic. It's nice to see both important content areas represented across our program's coursework."