Two Doctoral Candidates Graduate December 2021

Congratulations to the two doctoral candidates in the Reich College of Education’s (RCOE) Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership who graduate at the end of the 2021 fall semester: 

  • Scott Evans
  • Ellen Grulke

Scott Evans

Scott Evans

Dissertation Title: Student Contributions to OER Textbooks From a Social Learning Perspective

Dissertation committee: Dr. Jennifer Luetkemeyer (Chair), Department of Leadership and Educational Studies; Dr. Kim Becnel, Department of Leadership and Educational Studies; Dr. Jennifer Geib, Department of Biology

“I'm so thankful to be finished.The cohort model is a great way to tackle such an immense and time consuming process. I made some great friends in my cohort who were instrumental in helping me finish. However, the biggest asset for me was my Committee Chair- Dr. Jennifer Lutkemeyer, who was a great mentor for my project.”

Ellen Grulke

Ellen Grulke

Dissertation Title: Model Code and Restorative Justice: Experiences and Perceptions of Campus Sexual Misconduct Adjudication

Dissertation committee: Dr. Amy Dellinger Page (Chair), Department of Sociology; Dr. Alecia Jackson, Department of Leadership and Educational Studies; Dr. Greg McClure, Department of Curriculum and Instruction

“I appreciate the cohort model as I found great support and camaraderie with my classmates. It was also comforting to know that on the journey (particularly the dissertation portion of the program), I had other classmates who were going through the same experience who offered encouragement, guidance and acted as a sounding board for ideas and problem-solving.”

Conferences and Campus Presentations: App State’s Celebration of Research and Creative Endeavors in 2017

Scott Evans and Ellen Grulke
Published: Dec 3, 2021 3:36pm