Administrative Council

Purpose:  The Administrative Council formulates, reviews, and recommends procedures and policies related to the administration of the RCOE. The Administrative Council is also responsible for the vetting and recommendation of all RCOE curriculum proposals and proposals that impact RCOE programs.

Responsibilities:  Members have the responsibility to develop, review and vet policies, procedures and curriculum proposals that impact the RCOE Community.  Its members are charged to communicate with their respective Department and Unit faculty and staff information about policies, procedures and curriculum proposals discussed, reviewed and recommended by the Council. The Council meets twice a month or more often as determined by the Dean.

Membership: Members serve by virtue of their position which include the following:

  • Dean (chair)
  • Associate/Assistant Deans
  • Department Chairs
  • Doctoral Program Director


Melba Spooner, Dean

Monica Lambert, Associate Dean

Terry McClannon, Associate Dean

Hannah Reeder, Assistant Dean and Director of the Lab Schools

Denise Brewer, Chair of the Department of Family and Child Studies

Beth Campbell, Chair of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Vachel Miller, Director of the Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership

Amy Milsom, Chair of the Department of Human Development and Psychological Counseling

Shawn Ricks, Chair of the Department of Leadership and Educational Studies

Woody Trathen, Chair of the Department of Reading Education and Special Education