International Student Teaching: 24 Students Receive Spring 2019 Placements

What will you learn by exploring new places and meeting new people?

Because Appalachian State University promotes global learning, the Reich College of Education (RCOE) strives to provide its teacher candidates with a well-rounded education through multicultural and international opportunities.

24 RCOE students will participate in an immersive global experience as part of the college's International Student Teaching (IST) program.

Eligible students apply to participate in IST and those selected by the RCOE International Committee spend the final one-third of their student teaching semester in an international school. Placements are available in seven countries: Costa Rica (spring only), England, Germany, Ireland, Scotland, South Africa (spring only) and Thailand.

Up to 25 students are accepted for placements during the fall and spring semesters.

Spring 2019 Placements

The students selected for spring 2019 placements (by country) are:

Costa Rica

Participants will student teach at Colegio Metodista de Costa Rica in San José, Costa Rica.

  • Aleah Clements, Elementary Education
  • Grace Cameron, History Secondary Education
  • Caleb Kiger, Music Education
  • Alayna Noonan, Middle Grades Education, Language Arts and Science
  • Mark Stamey, Middle Grades Education, Language Arts and Social Studies
  • Hannah Robinson, English Secondary Education

England- Potter's Bar 

Participants will student teach at Wroxham School in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, England.

  • Karlye Regan, Elementary Education
  • Hayley Rose, Middle Grades Education, Social Studies and Science


Participants will student teach at Gutenbergschule in Karlsruhe, Germany.

  • Shannon Furr, History Secondary Education
  • Katie Haynes, History Secondary Education and German
  • Tammy Cox, Career and Technical Education, Business, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship Education
  • Madison Sivret, Elementary Education

Ireland- St. Patrick's 

Participants will student teach at St. Patrick's National School in Wicklow Town, Ireland.

  • Bridget Hoopes, Middle Grades Education, Social Studies and Science
  • Grace Riley, Elementary Education

Ireland - Bray

Participants will student teach at Bray School Project National School in Bray, Ireland.

  • Colleen McIndoe, Special Education, Adapted
  • Sarah Black, Special Education, Adapted
  • Amilia Yun, Elementary Education

Ireland- Greystones

Participants will student teach at Greystones Educate Together National School in Greystones, Ireland.

  • Lindsay Cash, Middle Grades Education, Language Arts and Social Studies
  • Molly Sims, Elementary Education

South Africa

Participants will student teach at Matshangule Primary School or High School in Kwadlangezwa, South Africa.

  • Libby Rose, Elementary Education
  • Benjamin Brown, Career and Technical Education, Technology, Engineering, and Design Education
  • Charlcy Carpenter, Middle Grades Education, Language Arts and Mathematics
  • Macy Watts, History Secondary Education
  • Zackery Beasley, History Secondary Education

Follow the Adventure

International student teachers share their experiences via a weekly blog that is posted to the International Student Teaching webpage. Follow them as they travel and teach abroad. Each blog will include the student’s perspective on their experience traveling, weekends spent exploring the country, and their experiences week to week teaching including their view on the school, teachers, and curriculum.

Be an International Student Teacher

If you are interested in IST, you should attend an information session and apply one semester prior to your student teaching semester. Visit the International Student Teaching webpage for scheduled sessions*, to learn more about the application process and to see upcoming deadlines. 

The deadline to apply for fall 2019 placements is Thursday, February 28 by 5:00 p.m. If you missed the information sessions but are interested in applying, please contact Dr. Bill Peacock for more information.

*Information sessions are held at the beginning of each semester. The webpage will be updated with a schedule of sessions as that information becomes available.


Contributed by Taylor Dale

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Published: Feb 12, 2019 8:30am