Advancement Board

The Reich College of Education Advancement Board focuses on the health and welfare of the College. The health of the College refers to the strength of its programs in relationship to the university and local, state and national arenas. To promote the welfare of the college the board assists with advancement issues (internally and externally) as the college grows and competes in today's world to insure that the college's current condition is strong enough to meet the challenges of both the present and the future.

The purpose of the board is to promote a greater understanding of the Reich College of Education (RCOE) through the constructive dialogue that explores that interconnectedness of internal and external advancement issues and contributes to the continuation and enhancement of the RCOE. The Advancement Board assists in identifying opportunities to enhance the programs and mission of the college and solicits for its efforts. Council members also serve as ambassadors of the RCOE by informing the public about the mission of the college, and recruiting quality students for its programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The board is advisory to the Dean of the RCOE.