Leadership Team

Purpose:  The Leadership Team provides a forum for regular communication among all units serving the College that administratively report to the Dean of the College and/or to an Associate Dean.

Responsibilities:  Members have the responsibility to communicate with their respective Units all information shared and discussed at the scheduled meetings. This Team shall meet one time each semester (October and April) at the second meeting of the regularly scheduled Administrative Council Meeting. Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed.


  1. Administrative Council Members
  2. Directors/Head of Units reporting to either the Dean or an Associate Dean. Members serve by virtue of their position which include the following:
    1. Assessment/Accreditation
    2. Budget/Business
    3. Clinical Education
    4. Communications/Marketing
    5. Development
    6. Digital Teaching/Learning
    7. Early Field/International Student Teaching
    8. James Center
    9. Mathematics and Science Education Center
    10. National Center for Developmental Education
    11. Public School Partnership


Melba Spooner, Dean

Monica Lambert, Associate Dean

Terry McClannon, Associate Dean

Hannah Reeder, Assistant Dean and Director of the Lab Schools

James Beeler, Senior Director of College Access Partnerships

Denise Brewer, Chair of the Department of Family and Child Studies

Beth Campbell, Chair of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Lynn Church, Business Officer

Rebecca Coats, Director of Assessment and Accreditation

Alisha Ellis, Director of Clinical Education

Gina Harwood, Executive Director of Development

Andrew Koricich, Executive Director of Alliance for Research on Regional Colleges

Vachel Miller, Director of the Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership

Amy Milsom, Chair of the Department of Human Development and Psychological Counseling

Shawn Ricks, Chair of the Department of Leadership and Educational Studies

Betsy Rosenbalm, Director of the Public School Partnership

Tracie Salinas, Director of the Mathematics and Science Education Center

Rebekah Saylors, Director of Communications, Marketing, and Engagement

Woody Trathen, Chair of the Department of Reading Education and Special Education

Adam Warren, Director of the James Center for Student Success and Advising

Amy Washburn, Director of Digital Teaching and Learning