Assessment & Accreditation

The purpose of the Assessment & Accreditation page is to provide a comprehensive process for review that leads to improvements at the college, department, and program levels. All faculty and staff participate in the development, collection, and review of the data and are provided the opportunity to make recommendations for improvements to the college, department, and programs. This page houses information related to this system, which includes TK20, Xitracs, and other assessment- and accreditation-related topics. 

UNC Educator Quality Dashboard

The UNC Educator Quality Dashboard provides information regarding:

  • Recruitment & Selection (selection criteria, academic profile data, licensure exam results)
  • Educator Preparation (enrollment trends, teacher productivity, clinical experiences, time to degree)
  • Performance & Employment (preparation pathways, retention, program effectiveness, job placement, school administration, and more...)
  • University-School Partnerships

Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) Teacher Education Measures

The following annual measures are required by CAEP and inform the public about the success of our Teacher Education graduates.

Impact Measures

The measures listed here relate to the impact of our graduates in the classroom. 

  • Impact on P-12 Student Learning
  • Indicators of Teaching Effectiveness
  • Satisfaction of Employers
  • Satisfaction of Completers

Outcome Measures

The measures listed here relate to student performance and consumer information.

  • Licensing
  • Graduation and Time to Degree
  • Hiring Rates and Trends
  • Consumer Information

State Performance Reports

NCDPI annual performance reports at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Praxis Core, Praxis II, NES Reports

Annual licensure exam pass rates.

edTPA Reports

Aggregate scores on performance-based, subject-specific assessment completed during Clinical Internship.


Dr. Monica A. Lambert, Associate Dean

Dr. Rebecca Coats, Director of Assessment and Accreditation 

Sarah Daniels, Graduate Assistant