Mission, Vision, and Conceptual Framework

Mission Statement

The Reich College of Education (RCOE) transforms lives through meaningful collaborative relationships and inclusive excellence. We invest in student, family and community success. We foster academic rigor and relevance, sustainable practices, and opportunities for local to global service and engagement.

-Affirmed by RCOE Administrative Council, October 2, 2018

Vision Statement

The vision of RCOE is to enhance practice in the fields of education and human services by preparing graduates for leadership and outstanding service; partnering with the local, regional, national, and international community to identify and address educational and community needs; and cultivating deeper and broader understandings through research and theory development. We view ourselves as a collaborative community of practice which promotes excellence in teaching, learning, research, scholarship, and outreach, with a particular emphasis on global engagement, intercultural diversity, and issues of social justice. To fulfill this vision, the RCOE engages traditional and non-traditional students in rigorous and relevant coursework that utilizes cutting-edge technologies, diverse research and theory, culturally-relevant instruction, and robust career-based activity.

Conceptual Framework

Conceptual Framework Description (PDF, 96 KB)