Council on Professional Education

The Council on Professional Education has as its main function the role of analyzing and evaluating professional education curricula and recommending policies and procedures for strengthening the professional education program.  All recommendations are made to the Dean of the Reich College of Education. Ex officio non-voting members may be designated by the Dean of the Reich College of Education.

Please contact Kim Guenther for more information.

Meeting Dates

Location: RCOE 124A

Time: 3:30 - 5:00 pm

2017-2018 Dates:

Meeting DatesSubmission Deadline
September 14September 1
October 19October 6
November 16November 3
January 18January 5
February 15February 2
March 15March 2
April 19April 6


NameCollege / SchoolDepartmentTerm
Denise BrewerRCOEFamily & Child StudiesN/A
Bethanie Campbell (Ex-Officio)N/AAdvising & OrientationN/A
Catherine ClarkRCOE Human Development &
Psychological Counseling
Chris CookRCOE Curriculum & Instruction2017-18
Deborah CrockerCASMath2018-19
Allison Fredette HistoryCASHistory2017-18
Beth FryeRCOE Reading Education &
Special Education
Sandy GagnonCASPsychology2018-19
Jennifer GeibCAS Biology2018-19
Tom GillRCOEReading Education & 
Special Education
Laura GordonWHSN/A2018-19
Gordon HensleyFAATheatreN/A
Brooke HofsessFAAArt2018-19
Brooke HuffmanHardin ParkN/A N/A 
N. Jordan (Associate Dean)RCOE Dean's OfficeN/A 
Danielle Joyce (Grad Student Rep)RCOE Human Development &
Psychological Counseling
Monica Lambert (Associate Dean)RCOE Dean's OfficeN/A 
Linda McCalister (Ex-Officio)RCOE Dean's OfficeN/A 
Terry McClannonRCOE Leadership & Educational StudiesN/A 
Suzi MillsHSOMMusic 2018-19
PJ NelsonRCOE Leadership & Educational Studies2017-18
Bill Peacock (Ex-Officio)RCOE Dean's OfficeN/A
Susan Pogoloff RCOE Reading Education &
Special Education
Lucy Purgason RCOE Human Development &
Psychological Counseling
Tracie Salinas
(Director of Secondary Teacher Education)
CAS MathN/A 
Rebecca Shankland RCOE Reading Education &
Special Education
Rwany SibajaCASHistoryN/A 
Melba Spooner (Dean)RCOE Dean's OfficeN/A 
Jan Stanley 
RCOE Dean's OfficeN/A 
Holly ThorntonRCOE Curriculum & Instruction2017-18
Scott TownsendBCHSRecreation Management &
Physical Education
Woody TrathenRCOEReading Education &
Special Education
Mark VogelCAS English2017-18
Ashley Wolf (Undergrad Student Rep)RCOE Reading Education &
Special Education
Jenny Wyatt (Ex-Officio)CAS AdvisingN/A 
Sara ZimmermanRCOE Curriculum & InstructionN/A