Accelerated Admission

Accelerated Admission: earn both your Appalachian bachelor's and master's in teacher education!

The Reich College of Education in partnership with the Cratis D. Williams Graduate School offers undergraduate students the opportunity to participate in an Accelerated Admission program.

The following programs are offered in the College of Education: 

Why a master's?

  • More marketable to future employers - have more tools in your toolbox
  • Be an expert and highly qualified in your field of study
  • Additional experiential learning opportunities
  • Gain master's level licensure
  • Potential to teach at a community college or university
  • Opportunity to move even further in your education, including our own Ed.D. program or other Ph.D. programs
  • Gain more specialized knowledge to help more students succeed

How to Apply

You will need the following items:

  1. Resume  - Learn More about resume assistance 
  2. Letters of Reference - Learn More about reference tips
  3. Profile for the application portal

Review these step by step instructions of the application process. 

And learn more about best practices from Career Development. 

Eligible students are those who:

  • Have a 3.2GPA
  • Are ready as seniors to take graduate coursework (must have completed 90 credit hours by the end of the  semester)

If you meet the requirements, now what? Complete the more information form.


These are generalized timelines for the time of admission process. 

Credit Hours Earned: 60 - 74 

  • Attend an information session (Fall TBA)
  • Meet with Stephanie Moretz to discuss options

Credit Hours Earned: 75 - 89

  • Complete nomination form
  • Apply for the accelerated admission/graduate school. Application opens:
    • April 15th (for summer courses)
    • December 1st (for spring courses)

Credit Hours Earned: 90-109

  • Meet with the graduate program director to create a program of study
  • Take up to four graduate courses as part of your undergraduate program of study

Credit Hours Earned: 110-120 (Student Teaching Semester)

  • Take either the NES or Praxis II exams by:
    • March 31st (for summer start)
    • October 31st (for spring start)
    Not doing so will delay your scores, which will delay your grades, which will delay your degree being conferred, which will delay your transition to graduate student status

Credit Hours Earned: 120+


  • Contact Stephanie Moretz, RCOE Scholarship Coordinator & Accelerated Admission Recruiter at or 828-262-8554.
  • Attend an information session Fall TBA, or stop by our booth at the Spring Teacher Education Career Fair March 22nd.
  • For more information once you have been admitted, visit the Graduate School Page to get step by step instructions.
  • Please note that students must maintain a "B" or better in their graduate courses in order for them to transfer in after completing their undergraduate program.
  • Please note that distance education students taking graduate courses through the main campus will have to pay main campus tuition. 
  • Please review this video on how to request an overload if needed.