Criminal Background Check

How to Request a Criminal Background Check

Step 1 Request CBC

  • Log into Self Service
    • Select the Student tab
      CBC Application Instruction
    • Select Students - Additional Systems & Resources 
      CBC Application Instruction
    • Select RCOE Student Services
      CBC Application Instruction
    • Select New Criminal Background Check Request
      CBC Application Instruction
    • Complete all required fields and submit
      CBC Application Instruction
  • Before beginning Step 2, wait until you receive an email from with additional instructions, and if you cannot find this email please check the Spam folder in your mailbox. 

Step 2 Complete Certiphi Application

  • Visit
    • Select Log In or Sign Up
    • Enter code APPSTATEEDUCATION in the code field
    • Follow each step and complete the entire application in one sitting
    • Pay an application fee via PayPal, although you do not need a PayPal account. Just enter your card information where shown.
    • Select "Submit forms" to finish application.
  • If you encounter any issues while completing your application/payment, please contact Certiphi Support: 800-803-7860, dial 0
  • Please wait 4 to 5 business days for your App State CBC status to be updated

Next Steps

Within 3 to 5 business days a report is sent to the Associate Dean for Academic Partnerships, Assessment, and Accreditation and to the Teacher Candidate.

If the background check is not cleared, you will receive an email from the Dean's Office with further instructions. 

While the Associate Dean for Academic Partnerships, Assessment, and Accreditation will make every effort to obtain a placement, she cannot guarantee that a placement can be obtained for those with questionable backgrounds. If, after three attempts, the Teacher Candidate is not accepted for a placement in any field-based course, the student will need to withdraw from the program.

Appalachian State University, in response to the need of school systems for criminal background knowledge of those persons who work with children, has instituted a criminal background check system through

All teacher candidates who enter the public schools must undergo this process. The Associate Dean for Academic Partnerships, Assessment, and Accreditation of the Reich College of Education has access to student documents and will discuss results with students as appropriate. Information from these background checks is treated with the highest degree of confidentiality and used solely for the purpose of acquiring an appropriate student teaching placement for the Teacher Candidate.

A current Criminal Background Check (CBC) must be on file before entering into any field experience. CBCs expire six months after the report is completed. Any criminal charge beyond minor traffic violations that occur during these six months must be reported to the Associate Dean of Academic Partnerships, Assessment, and Accreditation. Students with pending charges will not be eligible for field experiences.

  • The order deadline for the Fall Field Experience is July 31.
  • The order deadline for the Spring Field Experience is December 15.

Questions? Email