Early Core Field Experience

We created Early Core Field Experiences for beginner students because becoming a great teacher does not happen overnight!

All teacher education candidates, at the beginning of their programs, are involved in early field experiences which focus upon specific teaching and learning concepts and seek to support young learners in a variety of ways and in various contexts.

The courses listed on this site include field experience components which focus heavily upon engaging young learners in positive, constructive educational ways while, at the same time, supporting the goals and objectives of existing school programs.


PSY 3010 Psychology Applied to Teaching

Course Focus

This course provides an overview of the development of the young learner and an analysis of the principles of classroom learning, classroom management, and behavioral guidance.

Field Experience Focus

This field experience involves 40 contact hours of tutoring and mentoring of young learners who participate in after-school programs in school districts located in close proximity to the university. The Appalachian teacher candidate will serve as a tutor/mentor who supports the cognitive, social and emotional developmental needs of young learners. Purposeful interaction with young learners will include support with homework, providing academic enrichment using computer-based and other learning activities, arts and crafts activities, and indoor/outdoor group game playing.

Course connections are made through a series of targeted observations, coupled with formal written reflective field notes and a summative field experience reflection. Tutor-mentors are required to plan and present related small or large group activities. Supervision is provided by the Appalachian professional core support staff and/or faculty.

PSY 3010 Field Experience Locations

Appalachian State University

Watauga County

  • Bethel Elementary  
  • Blowing Rock Elementary  
  • Cove Creek Elementary 
  • Green Valley Elementary 
  • Hardin Park Elementary 
  • Kid Cove Preschool
  • Mabel Elementary 
  • Parkway Elementary
  • Parkway Propel (middle grades)
  • Valle Crucis Elementary
  • Watauga High School Mountain Alliance

SPE 3300 Creating Inclusive Learning Communities

Course Focus

This course will prepare 21st-century teachers to create inclusive learning communities for all students. The course focuses on accommodating the individual learning needs of students with differing learning abilities and all students differing learning abilities. Legal requirements, evaluation and assessment strategies and procedures, individualized instruction, and strategies for including all children in the educational and classroom environments will be addressed.

Field Experience Focus

This field experience involves 40 contact hours of classroom observation and interaction with students who represent diverse learner populations. Teacher candidates will be actively involved with young learners through tutoring and mentoring while completing a series of targeted observations coupled with formal field notes and a summative field experience reflection on diverse learner characteristics and educational needs.

Kaleidoscope Program

Kaleidoscope operates two programs:

Kaleidoscope After-school Learning Program
An after-school learning program sponsored by the Reich College of Education for children between the ages of 5 and 12.

Camp Kaleidoscope
A summer enrichment program for rising 1st-6th grade students sponsored by the Reich College of Education