Student Teaching

Student teaching is the capstone experience of teacher preparation. Courses in teacher education have presented you with a variety of ideas and opportunities to learn about teaching. Now it is time for you to put the knowledge, skills, and experience to practice.

You must participate in student teaching full-time for one semester.

Student Teaching Prerequisites

The following conditions must be met prior to student teaching:

  • Released from General Education and fully admitted to the teacher education program and satisfied all prerequisites.
  • Completed all prerequisites and proficiencies and all professional education courses with a grade of C or better, including all methods courses (some majors require even higher grades), reading courses, and any additional courses identified by the department or program.
  • Admitted to a Reich College of Education teacher education program at least one full semester, excluding summers, prior to student teaching.
  • Have the approval of the chairperson/faculty of the department that houses your major and the Reich College of Education Associate Dean of Academic Partnerships, Assessment, and Accreditation and the Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Program Services. Placement may be denied if all major requirements are not met or if the student fails to meet any of the teaching standards outlined in the Student Teaching Handbook.
  • Have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.70 on all coursework taken at Appalachian. All grades of I (Incomplete) should be removed prior to student teaching.
  • Completed these courses with a grade of C or higher:
    • CI 2300
    • CI 3400
    • SPE 3300
    • PSY 3010
    • FDN 2400
    • Reading methods course(s) (see departmental requirements)
    • Methods course(s) (see departmental requirements)
    • Any additional courses identified by the department or program

NOTE: It is your responsibility to meet all requirements in your program. You should refer to departmental requirements for additional prerequisites for student teaching.

Apply for Student Teaching

If you will student teach in either the Fall or Spring semesters of a given academic year, you must attend a Student Teaching Informational Meeting prior to the semester that you will student teach. 

Important Dates

  • November: Apply for fall student teaching the year before you will student teach.
  • April: Apply for spring student teaching the year before you will student teach.

Student Teaching Handbook

Student teaching is designed for complete immersion into the profession. The Student Teaching Handbook is a helpful guide. 

Placement Information

Your student teaching placement is directed and coordinated by the Office of Field Experiences. Therefore, you should not attempt in any manner to arrange your own placement.

The sequential activities designed to produce the appropriate student teaching placements are outlined below:

  1. Attend the Student Teaching Informational Meeting as required one semester prior to your student teaching semester.
  2. The RCOE placement supervisors will contact the public school placement personnel and together they will select the most suitable placement for you. You are not to contact the public schools at this point.
  3. You will be notified by the Office of Field Experiences of your placement. You will then contact your clinical educator and arrange a visit to the school.

Student Teaching Districts

We place students in the following districts.

  • Alamance        
  • Alexander        
  • Alleghany        
  • Ashe               
  • Asheville City
  • Avery              
  • Buncombe       
  • Burke              
  • Cabarrus         
  • Caldwell
  • Catawba          
  • Chapel Hill/Carrboro City
  • Cleveland        
  • Davidson         
  • Davie              
  • Durham           
  • Elkin City
  • Forsyth            
  • Gaston            
  • Guilford 
  • Henderson
  • Hickory City
  • Iredell              
  • Johnston         
  • Kannapolis City
  • Lincoln            
  • McDowell         
  • Mecklenburg    
  • Mitchell            
  • Mooresville Graded School District
  • Mount Airy City
  • Newton-Conover City
  • Randolph         
  • Rowan             
  • Rutherford
  • Stokes             
  • Surry               
  • Union County
  • Wake              
  • Watauga         
  • Wilkes             
  • Yadkin