Office of Field Experiences

The Office of Field Experiences manages all field experiences for the Reich College of Education.

All students participating in field experiences must complete a Criminal Background Check. Reports are valid for six months.  

Early Field Experiences

All teacher education candidates, at the beginning of their programs, are involved in early field experiences which focus upon specific teaching and learning concepts and seek to support young learners in a variety of ways and in various contexts.

Programs have included:

  • Watauga County Schools After-school Program
  • Kaleidoscope (campus-based After School Enrichment Program)
  • Avery County Elementary and Middle Afterschool Program
  • Two Rivers Community School After School Program
  • Lucy Brock Child Development Lab Program
  • and more!

Learn more at the Early Core Field Experience page.

Student Teaching

Student teaching is the capstone experience of teacher preparation.

Visit the Student Teaching page to:

  • Note important dates
  • Review prerequisites
  • Apply for student teaching
  • and more!

Explanation of Students' Rights During Field Placements

Because the purpose of field placement is to gain experience as a teacher and a colleague, should a teacher candidate have a concern about their field placement, we urge them wherever possible to make the attempt to deal with the issue in a collegial and professional way.

  • RCOE teacher candidates, while in field placements, remain students of Appalachian State University and are entitled to the same rights and protections as on campus.
  • It is unacceptable for any teacher candidate to feel threatened or unsafe in their field placement.
  • The RCOE Office of Field Experience will take every possible step to ensure the best possible professional settings for all, but we acknowledge that we cannot anticipate every possible challenge.

If a student needs assistance, please note the following resources:

The college stands committed to the safety of every student regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or religion. This commitment extends to students in all field placements.