Graduate Scholarships

Graduate Scholarships 

All Graduate Scholarships are awarded through individual departments. Please ask your program director when applications are available. Financial support for graduate students is also available through the Cratis D. Williams School of Graduate Studies.

Department of Curriculum and Instruction

  • W.F. Mozelle Costner Parker Scholarship in Elementary Education: Applicants enrolled in postgraduate study in Elementary Education and should demonstrate and maintain satisfactory academic achievement.

Department of Human Development and Psychological Counseling

  • Nancy Campbell Howell Memorial Scholarship: Full-time grad student pursuing a Master's degree in School Counseling. 
  • Marriage and Family Therapy Social Justice in Action Fund: For graduate students who are seeking admission or who are enrolled in the Marriage and Family Therapy Program.
  • Brendan Conor Smith Memorial Scholarship: To provide scholarship support to graduate students majoring in Clinical MentalHealth Counseling and earning an Addiction Counseling Certificate who plan to focus on addiction counseling in their career.
  • Glenda T. Hubbard Graduate Scholarship for Counselor Education: Must be pursuing a graduate degree in Counselor Education. 
  • Jones-Dotson Scholarship: Applicants must be admitted to a recognized Human Development and Psychological Counseling Program. 
  • Legacy of a Lifetime Annual Scholarship: To provide scholarship assistance to full-time graduate counseling students in the Department of HPC. Preference will be given to former student-athletes.
  • Don Rhodes, Jr. Memorial Scholarship: To provide support to full-time graduate students concentrating in studies that will prepare them to work with adults with addiction remediation. Applicants must be admitted for enrollment or currently enrolled and in good academic standing.
  • Grover Fielding Yancey and Kathleen Coggins Yancey Department of Human Development and Psychological Counseling: To provide support to graduate students working towards a Master of Arts degree in a course of study within Human Development and Psychological Counseling who demonstrate financial need 

Department of Leadership and Educational Studies

  • Dr. Vera Bolick Melton Scholarship for Library Science and Educational Foundations: Support for graduate students majoring in Library Science. Preference for a student with financial needs.
  • Vera Bolick Melton Memorial Scholarship for Library Science and Education: Support for graduate students majoring in Library Science. Preference for a student with financial needs.
  • Louise Moore Plybon Library Science Scholarship: Library Science major with first preference to applicants expressing interest in the school library area, the promise of outstanding ability in the profession of librarianship. Minimum 3.0 GPA.
  • Eunice Query Scholarship in Librarianship: Graduate student pursuing a degree in Library Science, maintain a 3.25 GPA.
  • Sallie H. Taylor Memorial Scholarship in Library Science: Student majoring in Library Science, promise of outstanding ability and success in the profession of school librarianship, minimum 3.5 GPA. 
  • James Jackson Scholarship for Graduate Studies in Higher Education: Applicants must be enrolled in Graduate school and have satisfactorily completed at least six hours of course work toward a degree in Higher Education.
  • Mary Jane Kistler Memorial Scholarship: Must have met requirements for admission to graduate program for one of the following: Community Education, Developmental Education, Public School Administration, Adult Education or Education Leadership, financial need, 3.0 GPA. 
  • Jerome H. Melton Scholarship for Teaching and School Administration: To provide support to undergraduate students who are pursuing a career in teaching and/or graduate students who are pursuing a career in teaching and/or graduate students who are pursuing a career in school administration. 

Department of Reading Education and Special Education

  • Janet Williams Bloodgood Scholarship For Reading and Children's Literature: To provide scholarship support to full-time or part-time graduate students enrolled in the Masters Reading Education Program. Preference is given to students with financial need who have been or currently are teaching. Further preference will be given to students who demonstrate an interest in children's literature.
  • Winston Salem Valley Scottish Rite Scholarship for the Master's Program in Reading Education: To provide scholarship support for students in the Accelerated Admissions program in reading education.
  • Caren Beth Alderholdt Scholarship for Pre-School Education: To provide scholarship support to one graduate student annually who is enrolled in the Reich College of Education and working toward a Masters Degree in Special Education. It is the Donor’s preference that the recipient holds an undergraduate degree in either Child Development: Birth through Kindergarten or Special Education.
  • Scholarship for Graduate Students in Special Education: Full-time or part-time graduate students enrolled in the Special Education Program within the Reich College of Education. Preferred that recipients have completed their undergraduate work at Appalachian State University and intend to work in the field of secondary special.
  • iSHINE:  Available to graduate students in Speech-Language Pathology, Special Education (general or adapted concentration), or Reading Education. Students participate in two interdisciplinary seminars and one specialized course relating to literacy and challenging behaviors, receive a stipend of $10,200 (total across three semesters) and a tuition waiver of 12 graduate credits per semester for three semesters, and are eligible for travel funds to attend and present at state and national conferences. Learn more here

Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership

  • Alice Phoebe Naylor Outstanding Dissertation Award: Awarded annually to one doctoral program student selected by a faculty committee for best dissertation. 
  • Rhododendron Society Scholarship: The funding will provide two scholarships for the Reich College of Education. The annual funding amount will be divided equally between an incoming freshman education student and a doctoral student.  The scholarship requires a 3.6 GPA,  must be need-based but does not require FAFSA documentation. These students should be exemplary as they represent the highest honor awarded in the Reich College of Education.
  • WJ Office Scholarship for the Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership: This annual scholarship will provide $1,000 to support a doctoral student that has successfully submitted their dissertation proposal and has enrolled in dissertation credit hours.